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Kevin Moore
What our customers
are saying!
Josh and Jodi C.
Josh and Jodi C. "Took only 3 months to sell our unique home in a tough market. Was very helpful getting quality contractors in to prep property for sale. Made extra effort to loan his tools and even provide materials for critical renovations. Looked after house in my absence including meeting subs, checking that heat was on when weather turned cold, and taking utility meter readings prior to closing. Very personable. Good communicator."
Blake C.
Blake C. "I contacted Kevin From Afghanistan in 2011 to help my wife find us a home for when I returned home. I honestly didnt even think I would get a reply as communication would not be easy at such a distance. But, repeatedly Kevin made every attempt to contact me and help my wife find us our dream home. There is a lot to be said for someone who is willing to take extra steps to look out for my wife and our best interest as I was away. He is a straight shooter, rolls with the punches, and most importantly he's dependable. He shows up on time, gets papers processed and makes the grey areas become clear in a way you can understand. We ended up getting our home well below what it could have been sold for. Actually makes us think of turning it around to make a profit. But it is our dream home so we are staying put...for now"
Donna D.
Donna D. "I used Kevin to purchase a foreclosed property. The process moved along quickly and efficiently which is so important with foreclosures. Kevin is always attentive to phone calls and offers a wealth of knowledge in not only knowing the market area but also assessing the need and/or estimated costs for possible expenses associated with a prospective purchase. Additionally, Kevin is quick to recommend other professionals for services relating to a purchase or sale that fall outside the scope of his expertise."

We offer Moore service:

Our clients appreciate the extra care and service. We provide professional stagers, photographers and contractors to get your home ready for sale. We handle every detail.

We are Moore experienced:

Our team has combined experience of over 30 years. We know the market and are well versed with the trends. We continually train to stay on top of the market. We hold a MA and CT Brokers License, Construction Supervisors License, and a MA Real Estate Instructor License.

We are Moore effective:

We will take on the challenges presented to us and hit them head-on. Our team consistently ranks in the top 10 out of 1500 agents in our local Board of Realtors. We get the job done!